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Active Hive: Minus Calories Ladies-Only Self-Service Near Infra Red (NIR) Workout

Hey people!

Two years ago, I got to try Active Hive Minus Calories at their wellness hub @ Oxley Bizhub and experience a 30 minute Near Infra Red (NIR) workout.

Although I found the workout useful, the location of the wellness hub was out of the way for me.

Thus, I was glad to hear from the founder Agnes that she has since opened two Active Hive outlets, one at Central - Parc Somme and the other at Bukit Timah. The outlets are located within walking distance from Farrer Park MRT Station and Beauty World MRT Station respectively.

I have been visiting the Bukit Timah outlet in the past 2 months as it was more convenient for me. Specifically, it's situated at Suites @ Bukit Timah as indicated by the blue arrow above.

The interesting thing about both outlets is that they operate on self-service mode, which also means that you have to learn to use the equipment independently.

Unlike the wellness hub at Oxley Bizhub, there will be no staff to attend to you when you arrive. The entire studio is yours for the time booked and you can really treat it like your personal workout space. No worries, the equipment is not difficult to use and Agnes will also guide you on your first try.

The workout sessions are strictly by appointment only and you can either book a 30 minutes or a 60 minutes session.

The operating hours for the Bukit Timah outlet are from 7am to 10pm (last appointment at 9pm) daily, including public holidays. Central - Parc Somme outlet has a 24-hour access, which allows you to exercise at crazy hours such as midnight or even dead early in the morning before heading to work.

Upon appointment, all customers will be issued with an access pin for them to unlock the studio.

This is how the studio looks like.

It is not exactly what you will imagine a mini gym to be. There are no weight-lifting equipment or treadmills, just a step machine surrounded by near infra red lights which you can use for the next 30 or 60 minutes. The type of equipment is relatively easy to use (because how difficult can it be to use a step machine?) so even senior citizens or people who are new to fitness can work out with ease.

For fitness junkies who are looking for more kick in their workouts, you can adjust the intensity of the equipment so that it creates more resistance, thereby forcing you to also work out harder to overcome it. Level 8 is the maximum intensity. I did not want to kill myself in my 1st session so I started off with a Level 5 moderate intensity before progressing to higher levels.

There are three buttons to switch on when you enter the room - 1) the light switch; 2) the air-conditioner and 3) the power button for the equipment. Once you're done with your workout, don't forget to switch these 3 buttons off too!

Behind the curtains is a space for you to change into your fitness wear and store your belongings.

As there will be near infra red lights shining on your body while you work out, I encourage you to wear a sports bra and shorts so that your body can have more contact with the near infra red lights. Do also bring along a face towel and a bottle of water to hydrate yourself during workout.

There are no washrooms or shower facilities within the studio. If necessary, you can use the public restroom but I supposed you'll have to shower when you return home.

There is a start button on the equipment that powers the near infra red lights so do press that as well. You will find yourself surrounded by red lights and mild heat that feels immensely relaxing.

While you are burning calories on the step machine, the near infra red lights supplement your workout by helping you to break down stubborn fats further and firm your body. As you perspire more from the heat, it also destroys more fat molecules in the process.

Other benefits include:

- Strengthening muscles and bones
- Stimulating collagen production
- Improving blood circulation
- Boosting metabolism
- Increasing stamina

Nearing the last ten minutes of your workout, the near infra red lights will shut off automatically but do keep stepping so that your body can cool down gradually. There is no need to press any 'off' buttons on the equipment thereafter.

Although I enjoy working out with good company, I guessed having your own private space to work out has its benefits as well.

Working out in a public gym alongside other fitness regulars can be pretty intimidating. But in your own Active Hive workout space, you need not wait for your turn to use the equipment or fear people judging you during your session. It's great for people who need this space to lose weight; to return to fitness after giving birth or even to kickstart their fitness journey. I heard that there are some customers who use this equipment for endurance training too. For me, I'm using my sessions to get back into fitness and to get my figure ready for the wedding.

I've gone through 5 sessions so far and have witnessed major improvements by my 5th session. I had my 1st session before my pre-wedding shoot and was breathless just 20 minutes into my workout. My heart was racing and I did not even think I could sustain a further 10 minutes. That could explain why I've only burned 107 calories over a distance of 4.71km in 30 minutes. I was also on Level 5 intensity then.

By the time I reached my 5th session, I was burning more calories than before. I had enough energy to do a 45 minute workout instead of a 30 minute one, and was burning 172 calories over a distance of 7.55km. In order to challenge myself, I increased my intensity to Level 7 and had to pedal against an incline.

Watching Youtube videos at the same time really helped me to get through my workouts. In my 1st session, I was just working out without any distractions and my 30 minute session felt undeniably loooonnggg. In the 2nd session, I started blasting music and it elevated my energy levels. But what was most effective was when I started watching videos from my favourite Youtube gurus during my session. It enabled me to turn my focus onto something else so that I do not concentrate on the 'pain' of working out. It also motivated me further when I had to report my results to Agnes after each session. She will then analyse whether I have worked hard during my session and provide me tips on how I could improve myself.

It is not advisable to shower immediately after your workout as your body is warm and will continue to burn fat. Thus, it is best to shower only 1 hour later.

Active Hive is having unlimited packages on Active Hive website for a period of 6 months or 12 months. You can choose between a 30 minutes workout or a 60 minutes workout.

If you are new to the workout, I encourage you to start with 30 minutes first. Be sure to key in promo code 'gilmangirl10' to enjoy 10% off any products (i.e. fitness trials/packages) on Active Hive website. Promo is valid till 31 May 2019.

You can whatsapp 9236 4678 or email to make an appointment. For updates, check out Active Hive Facebook, Minus Calories Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for reading and good luck in your fitness journey!

Active Hive - Bukit Timah
68 Jalan Jurong Kechil
Suites at Bukit Timah
#01-33, Singapore 596180

Active Hive - Parc Somme
62 Somme Road
Parc Somme, #01-04
Singapore 207877

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Active Hive. Pictures of price list are credited to Active Hive. Review is based on personal experiences.
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