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Aesthetics Central Clinic: Signature 3D Cell Treatment Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

Hey people!

A couple of months back, I thought about having regular bridal facials to improve or maintain my complexion since my big day is coming up in a matter of months.

Thus, it was just the right time when I was invited by Aesthetics Central Clinic to try the services in their clinic for the next 5 months.

Aesthetics Central Clinic is located at Level 11 of Office Tower 1, The Central.

They have a series of aesthetic services for Skin, Face, Eyes, Hair and Body, including Botox, Skin Boosters, Fillers and Plastic Surgery. I was particular over the services that I would be reviewing on my social media spaces and wanted only non-invasive services (i.e. no injections and no going under the knife) that could give my skin the wedding glow that I desire. Fortunately, Aesthetics Central Clinic has just the right service for me.

Stepping into Aesthetics Central Clinic was like entering a private medical clinic and beauty salon at the same time.

The aesthetics clinic was spacious, with pristine white walls and floors as well as simple and elegant furniture. Even though I walked in looking like a total blur, I was greeted warmly by the staff at the counter.

Although they call their customers 'patients', their customers are treated more like VIPs. I believe that they serve a good number of tourists as well. For one, customers are welcomed to use their lifestyle facilities like their rooftop garden, gym, pool as well as jacuzzi. There was even a page on their website dedicated to shopping, dining and nightlife in Singapore. It felt as though visiting Aesthetics Central Clinic was merely one of the stops in a tourist's to-visit list.

The first appointment involved a registration process and a doctor's consultation, so do cater an additional 15 minutes for your session.

After filling your personal particulars, you will be brought to see a doctor. There are two main doctors in this clinic, Dr Chow Yuen Ho and Dr Ryan Tan. I met Dr Tan during my first appointment, where he checked in on my skin concerns and went through with me about the facial process. I shared that I currently have dry and sensitive skin, large pores and a past history of moderate acne. I added that I was intensely afraid of pain and wanted a non-invasive treatment. I was recommended the Signature 3D Cell Treatment Deep Pore Cleansing Facial.

For the next few months, I was using this treatment room for my monthly Signature 3D Facial. I was told that my facial would be around 1 hour long, but it actually took up 1.5 hours so do cater more time for your sessions.

Unlike the facials in other beauty salons, I was not required to change into a robe. All I needed to do was to hop right into bed and make myself comfortable.

By the way, my treatment room overlooks Clarke Quay as well as the Singapore River. What a view!

Here's a picture before I commenced my facial. Aside for a dry skin texture, I generally do not have visible blemishes. However, I have an uneven skin tone where some parts of my face are darker than the other areas, so let's see if this facial would help to even my skin tone.

I normally turn up for facials bare-faced, aside for sunscreen because I knew that my face would be cleansed thoroughly. In the picture above, I was wearing a tinted lip balm, which was removed during the cleansing process too.

Many beauty salons rely on an extraction process, either by fingers or with the help of a comedone extractor to squeeze out whiteheads or blackheads from the skin. However, this process is often accompanied with pain. In fact, I have described this part of the facial in my reviews as 'painful but essential'. In Aesthetics Central Clinic, they use a patented 50 Micron Jet Technology to deep clean your pores instead.

The high-pressure, micro-jets have the ability to penetrate into the dermis level of the skin to push out and suck up all impurities and blockages. At the same time, it delivers nutrients such as carbonated gylcolic acid and lactic acid into the skin to stimulate blood circulation, regenerate skin cells and whiten skin.

Indeed, the micro-jet process was not painful, although you would be able to feel the device rubbing against your skin distinctively as it moves around your face. My face was slightly red (see picture on right) because of the friction between the device and my skin, but the redness subsided quickly after using a mask.

I was slightly uncomfortable when the micro-jet was used on my nose because the skin on my nose was more sensitive but it was still tolerable eventually. When the micro-jet was at my jawline, I wanted to laugh out loud. Oh boy, it tickles! :D

Apparently, the nutrients that were delivered into my skin could hydrate my complexion for up to 10 days. Besides hydrating the skin, they also facilitate better absorption of your skincare products too.

Depending on your skin type, you can actually go for your next treatment after two weeks, but since I do not have major issues with my skin, my recommended duration for maintenance is once a month.

The last part of the facial was a relaxing 3D Cell Renewal Mask, which I wore for 20 minutes. The Mask was rich in Marine Algae extracts and was immensely hydrating for my skin. As it was a very cold mask, it also helped the redness on my cheeks to subside quickly. See the picture on the right? No more dull complexion and reddish cheeks!

Once your session is over, you can visit their fancy dressing room to freshen yourself up. They even have makeup brushes for you to reapply makeup if necessary!

On my first appointment, I had a media event to attend after my facial so I went to the dressing room to comb my hair and reapply my tinted lip balm. I left my skin foundation-free once again. There was only sunscreen to protect my photo-sensitive skin.

Mannnn... I was GLOWING right after my facial. When I touched my skin, I was amazed at how baby smooth it was - no kidding!

The micro-jet truly went beyond just exfoliating the epidermis of my skin. It managed to suck up so much deep-rooted gunk, minimizing my pore size in the process. My skin tone was also even and significantly brighter. I was radiating with confidence as I went for my next event with zero makeup on my face except for a tinted lip balm to moisturise my chapped lips. Love it!

I am so looking forward to my next facial appointment with Aesthetics Central Clinic. If my skin can glow like this on a usual day, I think it would do great on my wedding day. Can't wait!

If you would like to try a Signature 3D Cell Treatment Deep Pore Cleansing Facial, check out
Aesthetics Central Clinic and make your appointment through the following means:

1) Call - 6221 8221
2) Whatsapp - 8448 8636
3) Email -

Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Aesthetics Central Clinic. Reviews are based on personal experiences.
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