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Walking With Dinosaurs - The Live Experience

Hey people!

When Walking With Dinosaurs - The Live Experience came to Singapore, there was a media preview few days before its opening night.

I saw a video over Facebook of one of the dinosaurs walking out of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) building and I was stunned. The dinosaur looked so... 'lifelike', for lack of a better word. It's almost as though the extinct dinosaurs were brought back to life or something.

I've heard about the production, Walking with Dinosaurs, very long ago but I never expected that I would ever have the opportunity to watch it. Thank you Shu Qing for asking me along to its Opening Night! My inner child was absolutely delighted!

This production is currently showing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium till 8 September, Sunday. They have various timings available and promotions for OCBC Card Members and Singtel Mobile Customers!

The show is approximately 1 hour 40 minutes long and features the evolution of the dinosaurs through a series of captivating and colourful cinematic scenes as well as state-of-the-art technology.

There were nine species of dinosaurs represented altogether and they were each introduced by an 'archaeologist' in the show. It was entertaining and educational for the audience.

How spectacular it was when the long-necked Brachiosaurus stepped onto stage, standing majestically at 11 metres in height.

For the smaller dinosaurs that appeared on stage, I could tell that they were controlled by mascot talents because I could see a pair of human legs running along with the dinosaur legs. For the larger ones, I could barely tell and was wondering if the dinosaurs were entirely 'remote-controlled' backstage or if there was someone manouevering it within the hugeass dinosaur body. In any case, the way they moved was so real!

Damn, I would love to be sitting at the VIP seats and having the gigantic dinosaurs coming up so close to me.

Just look at how tiny the audience looked compared to these life-sized dinosaurs. If I was a kid sitting at the centre region, I would be so in awe.

Saving the best for the last was Tyrannosaurux Rex, who appeared to fiercely protect its child from danger. It was like witnessing the King (or rather Queen) of the Dinosaur Kingdom making its grand appearance on stage.

With its mighty roar and fearsome vibes, the other dinosaurs were chased away immediately. Its child was super adorable as it tried to mimick its mummy, but it turned out to be more of a high-pitched squeak instead of a loud roar. Try harder, kid!

Thank you Sliding Door Entertainment for having us at the Opening Night!

If you would like to bring your family and kids to the show, you can purchase your tickets at Singapore Sports Hub Official Website. I am ending my post with a trailer of the show. May you have a wonderful live experience!

Disclaimer: Thank you Sliding Door Entertainment for the tickets to the Opening Night. Review is based on personal experiences.
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