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Hen Walk with #TeamBridesmaids at Skechers Friendship Walk 2019

Hey people!

Last week was interesting because what was initially a fitness event with my girlfriends turned into a Hen Walk with my #TeamBridesmaids. It was unexpected but also memorable.

Thanks to Amore Fitness, I won 4 passes to Skechers Friendship Walk 2019 for me and my blogger girls, who also happened to be my bridesmaids.

Few days before the event, my maid of honour, Jessie requested to meet an hour earlier as she had a surprise for us. As it turned out, she had prepared 'bride-to-be' and 'bridesmaid' sashes for us, which we were required to wear throughout the 4km walk around Marina Bay. Oh my God!

Walking around with our sashes also meant attracting the attention of passerbys, who did a double take when they saw us.

I received a few random 'Congratulations' along the way. The funniest remark we heard came from a group of tourists (I would think) who commented out loud that we must be beauty contestants. What? You mean for Miss Singapore?

We had some spare time before the walk so we went around the race village to take photos.

We were supposed to play games to win ourselves a Skechers water bottle or a chance in the lucky draw, but we gave up eventually. The queues to the game stations were SO LONG; the space was very cramped and the weather was unforgiving so we hid at one corner to chit chat instead.

Surprisingly, the queues to the refreshment booths were shorter so we helped ourselves to free yogurt and Marigold HL Milk.

There were more refreshments to redeem after the walk!

The flag-off finally began at 5pm at Marina Bay Sands Event Space.

It was a pretty short and simple route, where we passed by landmarks like the Artscience Museum, the Double Helix Bridge, the Esplanade, the Merlion and The Promontory. There was no need to block any roads, and everyone was really just walking throughout the 4km. I was expecting some gungho participants to run actually, but this time, I did not see any. People were truly taking it slow.

Guess who we bumped into? Deadpool and Spiderman!

Since we were the only ones who 'dressed up' for the walk, that calls for a group photo!

I was NOT expecting to be picked up, literally, by Deadpool right after the group photo, but this happened. Sorry YX, I guessed my first princess hug went to Deadpool instead of you. :P

We took more group photos thereafter, completely unconcerned with the curious glances from other onlookers. So glad I have my girls to do this with me!

We finally crossed the finishing line and collected our finisher medals, along with the rest of our refreshments. How nice it was to indulge in a cold ice pop after a hot, sweaty day!

Thank you girls for the enthusiastic and spontaneous Hen Walk. Although I was caught by surprise, it was definitely 'a walk to remember' (pun intended) for me. 1.5 more months to my big day!

Disclaimer: Thank you Amore Fitness for the tickets to Skechers Friendship Walk 2019. Event feature is based on personal experiences.
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