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Hotel Review: Staycation at The Outpost Hotel @ Sentosa

Good day, people!

My 2D1N stay at The Outpost Hotel was MEMORABLE and it marked my first staycation experience in my life. I also felt blessed to be able to share this experience with my life partner, who will become my husband in a month's time.

In February this year, YX and I won a 'Couple Lookalike' Valentine's Day contest organised by the Trick Eye Museum and our long awaited staycation at The Outpost Hotel was our prize. The staycation was also timely because we wanted a mini vacation, but with minimal planning, before our wedding next month.

This 5-star hotel is located near Imbiah Station in Sentosa. You can either flash your hotel booking at the Sentosa Express to get a free train ride to Imbiah Station, or you can board a shuttle bus to the hotel from Vivocity Lobby G (Level 1). The shuttle bus departs from Vivocity in half-an-hour intervals and drops right at the entrance of the hotel.

My first impression when I saw The Outpost Hotel?

HOW STUNNING. Its black and elegant gold decors gave the hotel a classy vibe. There was a very inviting scent in their lobby and lifts, which made YX so curious about it. As it turned out, the signature scent was specially formulated for the hotel. In other words, sorry YX, it's not for sale.

Our welcome mocktails, made using tea blends from Pryce Tea, in instagrammable pineapple cups. How cute is that!?

We felt totally welcomed and ready for our short vacation.

We also got to customise our mini bar by selecting 5 premium snack items. OH WHAT FUN!

Our picks? We went for organic orange juice, Starbucks milk chocolate drink, chocolate cookies, mint chocolate and French Rosemary almonds. Holy, that's a lot of chocolates!

We were given a Deluxe Room that came with a king bed and a magnificent pool view.

The design of the room was stylish chic and I LOVED IT TO BITS!

The TV was very cool, although we used it more for playing music than to watch TV shows or movies.

It's funny how I never used to appreciate staycations until recent years. Travelling to me has always been equated with exploring the outdoors, so the concept of staying in, lounging in bed, enjoying the hotel facilities and being a tourist in my home country has never occured to me.

I stay in the most budget hotels whenever I travel. Give me a decent bed and clean shower facilities and I am a happy tourist. Now that I am older and enjoy chilling (or rather 'nua-ing') indoors, I am starting to like the idea of staycations.


I could just stare out of the windows forever and admire the breathtaking scenery. In fact, I requested to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the window so that I could wake up to it the next morning.

The Outpost Hotel is the neighbour of Village Hotel at Sentosa, and I could see the latter from across my window. Although they share a similar exterior design, they had different colour concepts and appealed to different guests. The Outpost Hotel was more 'black and gold', and was marketed as a staycation for couples. On the other hand, Village Hotel at Sentosa's colours were more 'white, beige and light brown' and was more f

Even the bathroom was gorgeous. I am not even kidding.

The black-tiled walls and flooring were unique and I noticed that they dry very quickly. This means that the next person bathing would not need to step into a super wet shower.

And.... the washrooms were equipped with super atas hansgrohe shower heads, which made the entire showering experience SO DAMN FUN. I was experimenting with the various modes on the shower head, as well as the rain shower. Bath robes were also provided for us, so we wore them to sleep. SO COMFY!

I knew that the hotel supplies shampoo, conditioner and body wash from Australian beauty brand APPELLES Apothecary & Lab, so I did not bother to bring my own.

They smelled splendid. It made me feel like taking a few more baths just to indulge in these products again. HA HA!

The hotel really takes care of their guests by supplying other essentials.

It's safe to say that you will just need to bring your own skincare and makeup products when you go for a staycation at The Outpost Hotel.

YX was the happiest when he saw that the room was well-stocked with British Breakfast and Palawan Dawn teas from Pryce Tea. Enjoying a good cup of tea is YX's way of relaxation.

They also have a Nespresso machine with complimentary capsules for the coffee lovers, although we still prefer our teas more than the coffee.

Prior to my stay, I was sent a document to indicate my preferences for staying in this hotel.

You can request to stay at a high floor, or a room that is far away from the elevator. If you are celebrating a special occasion, do let the staff know too because they might just prepare a something special.

I indicated that it was my birthday month, and on the day of my check-in, the staff came knocking on my door with a cake and a card in hand, courteousy from the hotel. SO SWEET.

We went exploring the hotel facilities and found that The Outpost Hotel shares the same gym as Village Hotel at Sentosa.

Too bad that I did not bring my sport shoes along with me. :(

Want more snacks?

You can get it from the Supply Depot at The Village Hotel at Sentosa, although do note that you would have to pay for the snacks and beverages.

Speaking of snacks, there is a Mess Hall outside Village Hotel at Sentosa, which has a 7-Eleven for you to stock up on all the snacks that you would need.

Guests at Village Hotel at Sentosa would get to dine at Native Kitchen for breakfast the next day.

I never got to check the restaurant out though because it was closed for a private event when I was there.

The Outpost Hotel and Village Hotel at Sentosa share the pool facilities as well. That's what neighbours are for!

If you're coming from Village Hotel at Sentosa, take this escalator up. It will lead you straight to the pool deck.

We went for a dip in the pool around evening because YX wanted to catch the sunset at the same time.

The Outpost Hotel and Village Hotel at Sentosa share three uniquely themed pools. The largest pool in the middle is the Adventure Pool. The water level is very shallow though so you can forget about swimming laps in there. Nonetheless, it's a great place for families to chill with their children and keep an eye on them at the same time. There's also a counter distributing beach towels so don't forget to get one and return after use!

The Lazy River is a meandering pool that would be perfect if you happen to have your own floats.

That way, you can really chill and drift along to the gentle water currents, occasionally getting your face splashed by rain curtains. It's just a pity that YX and I did not have a float with us so we had to semi-crawl through the Lazy River since it's a shallow pool. Nonetheless, we loved the rain curtains!

Oh yes, the water temperature of the pool seemed well-regulated and warm as well. We did not have to endure chills and body freezes when we entered the pool. Thumbs up for that!

Our favourite pool was the Pamukkale Pool, which happened to also be a 'strictly adults-only' pool.

The pool was situated closest to The Outpost Hotel and featured a pool bar, where you could swim over to order yourself an alcoholic drink. I guessed that's why the pool is 'no kids allowed'.

This was the most Insta-worthy pool in my opinion, and would look even better if there was no one in sight. The pool was swarmed with people on that day though, and we could barely find a seat to lounge on. Opps!

This was also the deepest pool so it would not be safe for kids, but the adults were happy. YX and I took the chance to swim all the laps that we wanted, making sure not to bump into the other couples in the pool.

There was a concert ongoing near Imbiah Station that evening so it was pretty cool to have live music in the background. We hung around in this pool till the sun sets.

We also discovered the best jacuzzi ever in the Pamukkale Pool.

The water jets were so powerful that they gave our bodies a much needed massage.

That night, the hotel staff were setting up the pool deck for a movie screening of Minions.

Guests could sit at these colourful bean bags to enjoy the movie and help themselves to free popcorn. Although we did not stay to watch the movie, we realized later that we had a very good view of the movie screen from our window. :D

How The Outpost Hotel looks at night. So mesmerizingly beautiful!

YX clearly missed the pools because he actually woke me up at 6am the next day asking me if I would like to go for a morning swim. I was too sleepy to answer him. :P

We brought our own dinner and placed them in the mini fridge in our hotel room. These are Unagi and Salmon Bowls from Don Don Donki.

To add some greens to our diet, #ChefYixiang cooked my favourite broccoli to go with the bowls. We also paired our meal with coffee from the Nespresso machine.

Breakfast was provided for at V:U Restaurant, located at Level 7, the highest floor of The Outpost Hotel.

As it opens from 6.30am to 12.30pm, we decided to visit the restaurant for brunch instead.

I was expecting a buffet line but that wasn't all. The hotel offers BOTH buffet and ala-carte meals.

Guests are entitled to 1 ala-carte meal each from the menu. If they want more food, they could help themselves to the delectable buffet spread.

Here's a snapshot of the food items that you could get from the buffet - a seasonal tart, yogurt, fruit and congee.

We skipped some items like croissants because they looked very sugary. Besides, we wanted to save our stomach for the ala-carte meals.
For drinks, they have a selection of coffee, tea and juices.

The ala-carte menu was VAST and left us spoilt for choice, so we decided to ask the servers for recommendations.

They suggested the Tomato Shashuka which came in a cast iron pan and consisted of spiced tomato sauce, tomatoes, eggs, gruyere cheese, baked bread crumbs, ham and spinach. It was SO YUMS!

We also ordered a Bagel Eggs Benny, which was an eggs benedict meal with smoked salmon on a bagel.

Fun fact: When I was an exchange student in the States, I hated bagels so I could not believe I actually enjoyed the taste of this one. Definitely a sumptuous brunch indeed and we were also thankful that the ala-carte meal portions were not too big.

2D1N might be short but I was more than happy to bring home lovely memories of this beautiful hotel.

I will always remember this hotel for its luxurious amenities, tasty food and impeccable hospitality.

Thank you The Outpost Hotel for setting such high standards for staycations and for making my first staycation experience so memorable.

If you're interested to experience a staycation at this hotel, feel free to make your booking on The Outpost Hotel website. Do check them out on Facebook and Instagram too!

Disclaimer: Thank you The Outpost Hotel for hosting our stay. Reviews are based on personal experiences.
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