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#BhutanUnfiltered The Soup Spoon Launch Party

Hey people!

Have you been to the happiest country on earth?

Well, Souperchef Anna, the Founder of The Soup Spoon did, and in return, she created a series of soups that were inspired by her recent trip to Bhutan. YASSSSSS! I am always excited to try Anna's Souperchef Specials!

I was happy to receive an invitation to attend #BhutanUnfiltered, The Soup Spoon Launch Party at Marina Bay Link Mall.

Although I have never been to Bhutan before, I know that the country has a strong culture and beautiful mountainous scenery. The locals lead simple lives and are advocates of environmental sustainability. Not only did Bhutan ban the use and sale of plastic bags since 20 years ago, I learnt from the launch party that the locals were also not allowed to carry their own plastic bags in public. Whoa!

The launch party was in the form of a buffet this round, unlike the usual parties where we had individual plated dishes.

Nonetheless, I preferred the buffet because I get to control the amount I eat. Best of all, there was an array of Bhutan-inspired dishes on this buffet table. I could not wait to try a cuisine that I have never eaten before in my life.

From now till 2 October, customers of The Soup Spoon can look out for three special soups, inspired by the food and ingredients that were commonly used by Bhutanese locals.

We tried the Roasted Vegetables with Chilli Cheese Stew which was tasty, creamy and rich. The soups served were largely spicy, although they differ in terms of spice levels, so if you have low spice tolerance, do take note!

YX enjoyed the Bhutanese Radish Stew which came with vermicelli and had a lighter taste.

The ingredients for this soup were simple and healthy too!

My favourite soup was the Bjasha Maroo, the Bhutanese Spicy Chicken Stew.

The chicken was delicious and tender, and I loved how it complemented the rest of the ingredients in the stew. The burst of flavours from the soup was damn shiok, and even though it was also spicy, I did not mind it at all.

YX and I tried our hand in making Momo, a type of steamed dumpling that is a traditional delicacy in Bhutan.

It looked easy when I watched the demonstration, but as it turned out, wrapping the filling was more difficult than I thought. My Momo looked quite ugly, but oh well. 

I would much prefer to eat these steamed Momos instead!

The Momos could also be pan-fried or deep-fried, but steaming is a healthier option.

Red rice is a staple in Bhutan, is semi-milled and cooks faster than unmilled brown rice. It was pretty yummy too!

Mangey is a Bhutanese pizza. Not a fan of this though so I just ate a tiny bit. :X

Instead, I am a huge fan of these Bhutanese pancakes, which served as the dessert platter on the buffet table.

There was a piece of banana sandwiched between the pancakes and they come with either strawberry or blueberry toppings. I loved it!

For drinks, there was Buckwheat Tea, a zero-calorie, healthy tea that you could drink to your fill without the guilt.

We found that it tasted much better when you mix in a spoon of Bhutan Honey. That's a bottle of good quality honey you see there.

Absolutely love our door gifts from The Soup Spoon, which included a cute We Bare Bears cooler bag, Lemongrass skin spray insect repellent from Bhutan Natural and..... BHUTANESE SPICY CHICKEN STEW SOUP PACK! YAYYYY! I shared the soup pack with my parents for dinner few days later and they enjoyed it tremendously.

Thank you The Soup Spoon for organizing yet another successful launch party and for opening our eyes to Bhutanese cuisine. I'm looking forward to their next launch party!

The Soup Spoon
8A Marina Boulevard
Marina Bay Link Mall, #B2-41/42/43
Singapore 018984

Disclaimer: Thank you The Soup Spoon for having us at this launch party. Reviews are based on personal experiences.
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