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Stock up on Premium, Organic Fruits with Fruits Delivery SG

Hey people!

Do you eat fruits on a daily basis? My family does!

My Mum will always stock up on fruits for the family during her grocery runs, and will make sure that we have fruit as part of our dinner everyday.

In late August, we were elated to collaborate with an online Fruit & Vegetable store, Fruits Delivery SG, and try a variety of their fruits over the next 1.5 weeks. It saved Mum a visit to the supermarket to replenish our fruit stock, and we got a chance to try selected premium fruits as well! Woohoo!

Fruits Delivery SG offers same-day delivery over a 2-hour timeslot of your choice. How is that possible? Well, they have 8 storage and packing units strategically located across the island, ensuring that you will receive your order seamlessly. In a rare event when they are late in delivery, they will provide you instantly with a $10 discount coupon for your next purchase. You can also use the live chat function on their website to check on the status of your order.

Here's our stash of fruits which we ordered for close to $70!

You get free delivery if you order more than $60. Otherwise, there is a flat delivery fee of $9.70.

We also chose the timeslot between 11am to 1pm on a weekend, and our fruits arrived at
12.30pm. So on time! Good job!

We were seriously spoilt for choice by the variety of fruits available on their website. They have at least 80 varieties, categorized within the following:

1) Apples, Pears & Bananas
2) Avocados
3) Berries & Grapes
4) Citrus Fruits
5) Stone Fruits
6) Tropical Fruits
7) Melons & Veggies
8) Seasonal Fruits
9) Processed Fruits
10) Cut Fruits
11) Juice

These fruits were sourced from all over the world, and meticulously picked before they were flown to Singapore. They are also organic and are stored in ideal cold storage conditions to ensure that they remain fresh when they are packed for delivery.

A large part of our stash were fruits that we eat on a usual basis, such as USA rose apples, Dole bananas, China Golden pears, USA Sunkist oranges, Thai Golden Honey mangoes and Egypt crisp red grapes.

We also added MYS Honey Starfruit (because Mum requested for it) and a packet of Roasted Chestnuts to our cart. The Roasted Chestnuts were such a good mid-day snack. I finished the entire pack after opening it.

The ones that were more premium to us were the USA blueberries, New Zealand Zespri Gold Kiwi (I only got to try gold kiwi when I was in New Zealand 4 years ago), AUS strawberries and the Ecuador Yellow Dragonfruit.

Mum has been eyeing the Yellow Dragonfruit in supermarkets for a while but did not bear to buy. The family was definitely excited to try the Yellow Dragonfruit because none of us have eaten that before. And when we eventually did, it was a memorable experience.

For the past week, the family was practically enjoying a fruit feast. We exceptionally love the:

- Egypt crisp red grapes for being seedless, firm and juicy;
- New Zealand Zespri Gold Kiwi for its unique sweet-sour taste;
- AUS strawberries for being fresh and plump;
- Ecuador Yellow Dragonfruit for being fleshy and addictively sweet; and
- USA Sunkist oranges for its fragrance and juiciness.

I did not manage to capture pictures of the USA rose apples and the Dole bananas. Nonetheless, both fruits were AWESOME. The USA rose apples were crunchy, sweet and juicy. As they happen to be huge (says everyone who spotted them), they will keep you very full. The Dole bananas were also just the way I like it! When it arrived, we ate them right away.

Dad and I are generally not fans of USA blueberries, but Mum and hubby love them to bits. The fruits that were unfortunately a miss for us were the China Golden pears that were lacking in flavour and the MYS Honey Starfruits that were too sour for my liking. As for the Thai Golden Honey mangoes, I was quite disappointed that one of them was sour. Evidently, I prefer sweet fruits to sour fruits.

Overall, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to try the assortment of premium organic fruits. A huge thanks to Fruits Delivery SG and Best in Singapore for allowing my family to indulge in all these fruits within the comforts of our home!

About Best in Singapore

Best in Singapore publishes well-researched, tested and informative contributed articles focusing on The Best in Singapore. They go by the tagline 'Know the Best. Buy the Best!', and you can check out their website, Facebook and Instagram if you would like to find out what are the best products and services in Singapore.

Want to stock up on fruits without heading to the supermarkets?

Order your premium organic fruits from Fruit Delivery SG website. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions too!

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Best in Singapore and Fruits Delivery SG. Photos on Fruits Delivery SG website are credited to Owari Photography, while the rest of the photos were taken by me. Reviews are based on personal experiences.
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