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Pretty Relax Beauty Salon: My First Experience with Meridian Facial

Hey people!

If you have read my blog entry on my recent hair colour experience at Color Lush Studio, you would have seen my mention of Pretty Relax Beauty Salon, which is the sister company of Color Lush Studio.

Yes, both the hair studio and the beauty salon are next to each other, and they belong to the same lady boss.

Pretty Relax Beauty Salon is located within walking distance from Toa Payoh MRT Station Exit C.

Unlike Color Lush Studio which only opened its doors in October 2020, Pretty Relax has already been there for 7 years. They used to specialise in body treatments, but have since diversified to offer other beauty services such as facials, pedicures and manicures.

I was there to experience my first Meridian facial and was very grateful that the beautician gave me a morning slot over the weekend before their official opening hours. I just could not squeeze out additional time over my weekdays for a facial, so thank you for accommodating my busy schedule.

Their manicure and pedicure services looked interesting as well, so I might just visit Pretty Relax Beauty Salon next time to try their nail services. For now, let me share my experience on their Meridian facial.

This 1.5 hour Meridian facial began with basic cleansing and exfoliation to ensure that my skin was free from dirt, impurities and makeup.

A softening mask was then placed over my face for a good ten minutes to open my pores. According to the beautician, this was a far more comfortable and effective way of opening my pores compared to using a regular facial steamer. I could not agree more. It could be hard to breathe sometimes when a facial steamer was constantly blowing against your face. 

Mild extraction was done around my face, although efforts were largely concentrated on extracting pesky whiteheads from my nose.

This was followed by the most relaxing and much needed facial massage ever! I really enjoyed the massage because the amount of pressure applied on my face was just nice. It kinda made me curious about whether their body treatments would be just as good.

Thereafter, the beautician applied a DR.SOS Multi-Energy Cream over my face, and used the tools above to activate my lymph nodes. It might look like a scary process from my pictures and videos, but it was actually more soothing than expected.

It felt more like I was going through a deeper and precise massage around my face and neck. At times, it could be a tad uncomfortable when the tool was used on my bony nose, while at other times, it felt more ticklish when the tool was rubbing against my neck. In all, activating of lymph nodes is highly encouraged as it helps to relieve tension; facilitate blood circulation; dispel toxins from your body and lift your skin. My complexion was firm and rejuvenated after this step.

If you are wondering what the DR.SOS Multi Energy Cream is all about, it is a multi-functional cream that is packed with active ingredients such as Neroli, Rosehip, Lavender, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

These key ingredients work together to relax muscle tissues, relieve stress and anxiety, fight free radicals, heal skin and nourish the body. Due to its multi-faceted benefits, it is recommended for women who lead stressful, tired lifestyles and those who have premenstrual/menopausal issues. It is also widely used by ladies after childbirth, especially when they want their stretch marks to fade.

When your face was so intensely massaged with tools, there would be slight redness but do not worry! The redness would subside after the last stage - masking.

In the masking stage, I wore a collagen eye mask, followed by a yellow cream mask. I was surprised because my facials typically end with a cold mask, but this was warm! Nonetheless, the warm mask helped to minimise my pores, smoothen my skin and reduce the redness on my face. While I was resting with the mask on, the beautician gave me a wonderful shoulder and arm massage, relieving the tensions I had on my stiff body.

I was told that the effect of the facial would be more pronounced the next day, so I decided to take a selfie on the following day to show how my skin looked at 6.30pm after a long #workfromhome day. My skin was radiant and glowing, and I swear that it was not because of oil or sweat! :D

Eager to rejuvenate your skin?

Head over to Pretty Relax Beauty Salon website to check out their extensive list of facial services. Alternatively, you can send them a Whatsapp text at 9070 2381 or call them at 6353 5979 to book an appointment!

Do follow Pretty Relax Beauty Salon on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions too!

Pretty Relax Beauty Salon
177 Toa Payoh Central
#01-142, Singapore 310177

Operating hours: 10am to 9pm daily

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Pretty Relax Beauty Salon. Reviews are based on personal experiences.
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