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Designing my Own Perfume Scent at Maison 21G Perfumery

Hey people!

Do you use perfumes?

If you do, you should check out
Maison 21G, a perfume boutique along Duxton Road, where you can create your individual perfume scent and bring home a personalised bottle, made for you by you.

I visited the boutique two weeks back to experience my first ever scent customisation session.

Prior to that, I have minimal knowledge about perfumes, and the only 'fragrance' I would apply on my neck was peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils.

I also started developing interest in home fragrance this year, so I decided that it was no harm opening my mind to the world of perfumes. So glad I did, because it turned out to be an insightful session.

Stepping into the boutique was like entering a gorgeous showroom, with a great industrial chic interior design balanced with a right amount of greenery.

The staff are known as Scent Designers, and they will guide you through the scent customisation process. Maison 21G also hosts a series of perfume workshops, such as:

Perfume Creation

1) With 2 ingredients - S$95
2) With 3 ingredients - S$120
3) Between 4 to 5 ingredients - S$140


1) Private Creation Atelier ($120 per pax) - For you and your friends
2) Student Atelier ($150 per pax) - For students only
3) Love Atelier ($350 per couple) - For you and your partner
4) Family Atelier ($350 per family) - For you and your family
5) Team Building Atelier ($150 per pax) - For you and your colleagues
6) Bridal Atelier ( $150 per pax) - For your big day

Perfume creation can be as much a bonding session as it can be an individual experience, don't you agree?

So in awe when I saw the massive array of scents before me. I never knew that there would be so many!

I used to associate perfumes with overpowering, artificial scents and I supposed that was why I preferred the scents of natural essential oils. Fortunately, the perfumes in Maison 21G are made with essential oil blends, which are not only skin-loving but are great for sensitive noses. They do not contain preservatives or chemicals within them too. Maison 21G also offers 21% of perfume concentrate, which is the highest in the industry. The higher the perfume concentrate, the longer the perfume will last on your skin. :)

A scent customisation session takes up around 1 hour so it will be great if you have this time to spare.

I thought it would be a quick 'over the counter' sort of session, but it was more of a sit-down, 'let's drink some tea and chat' session with the Scent Designer to understand your preferences. They serve coffee and Monogram Tea of your choice on the house!

To begin, you will be asked to do a short quiz to determine your personality.

Doing a quiz might sound like a drag, but it was actually pretty fun and simple to do. Definitely not a long list of multiple-choice questions as I have imagined.

My personality quiz tells me that I am The Authentic - someone who respects life's values and genuinity. Apparently, I also have the tendency to find beauty in flaws and imperfections. That's surprising to hear! I always thought I was a perfectionist with low tolerance for flaws.

For Day Perfumes, I was recommended the scents Tuberose and Ocean, while for Night Perfumes, I was recommended Patchouli and Almond. The personality results are only a gauge, and it does not mean that the Scent Designer will design your perfume strictly based on the recommendations from the quiz.

Instead, my Scent Designer, Amanda began by letting me smell the recommended scents, just to see if I truly like them. While I loved Ocean and Patchouli, I was not fond of Tuberose and Almond. She also chatted with me to find out about my preferences. Learning that I like fresh and natural scents and preferred day to night perfumes, she made further suggestions on the other scents that I might potentially like.

In the next couple of minutes, I was sniffing multiple scents to determine the ones that clicked with me. It was totally an art. I had to close my eyes, smell and eliminate the scents that I was not a fan of. Sometimes, I had to smell myself, smell my tea, or even head outside the boutique to breathe in fresh air before smelling the scents again. They do take this segment slowly and seriously so that their customers will eventually walk away with a scent that they truly adore. Thus, do not be afraid to take your time too.

After a mega sniffing session, I chose the following scents:

1) Top Notes - Ocean Odyssey

Fell in love with this refreshing scent so naturally, I wanted this to be the first scent I will smell when I spray the perfume. It happens to also be a unisex scent which both men and women will like. As it has the most volatile molecular structure, the scent will last for an hour.

2) Heart Notes - Lavender Legend & Patchouli Power

These two scents make up the body of the perfume and will last longer between 6 to 8 hours. Lavender and Patchouli are common essential oils that I have used before so I like to have them in my perfume as well.

3) Bottom Notes - Sleek Sandalwood

This scent has a woody and slightly heavier scent. With the most complex molecular structure, it will last the longest at 18 to 24 hours. Assuming that you wear your perfume for the entire day, you will typically end the day with this scent.

Now's the fun part - you get to create your own perfume, with guidance from the Scent Designer, of course!

I was given a bottle filled with ethanol, and a weighing scale. All I had to do was to add some drops of each scent based on the measurements provided by the Scent Designer and VOILA! Easy peasy!

I know that it is definitely easier or faster for the Scent Designer to create your scents for you. Nonetheless, having the opportunity to create your perfume gives you a sense of ownership towards it too. I was so proud of myself after this, and I absolutely LOVE the signature perfume scent that I have put together. It is gonna be MY SCENT for the next couple of months!

And that's not all!

Amanda was a dear to customise my perfume bottle for me. With the help of a UV printer, she printed my name and the ingredients on the bottle. I was so intrigued by the UV printer that I stood there watching the entire process.

Besides printing names or text on the bottle, you could actually print photos or even your selfie as well.

However, I like to keep my bottle minimalistic so printing my name was good enough for me.

OMG! I LOVE HOW CLASSY AND SLEEK MY BOTTLE LOOKS! My perfume also comes with an eco-friendly pouch for storage. Nice!

This bottle currently sits on my vanity in my full view so that I will remember to wear it whenever I go out. The thing about having my own customised scent stored in a bottle with my name imprinted on it, is that it will motivate me to use it. Besides, my hubby found this scent attractive too so it gave me a greater impetus to wear it on dates.

If you will like to customise your own perfume scent at Maison 21G, or sign up for any of their workshops, I have partnered with them to provide my fellow readers with the following lobangs:

- Use promo code
<M21Gtracy15> for 15% discount off any products on Maison 21G website

- Use promo code <M21GWSgilmangirl21> for 21% discount off any workshops on Maison 21G website

Do visit their boutique at the address below and follow them on their Facebook and Instagram too!

Maison 21G

77 Duxton Road
Singapore 089536

Operating hours: 12pm to 8pm daily

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Maison 21G. Reviews are based on personal experiences.
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