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Fresh Dailies: 4-in-1 Multi-functional Negative Ions Hot Brush

Hey people!

Do you use beauty tools? Although I am a beauty junkie, I am not that adventurous when it comes to using beauty tools. For example, I do not use straightening or curling irons to style my hair. I simply leave my hair in natural state.

Thus, if I ever own a beauty tool, it is because it fits within my simple lifestyle and I can see myself using it frequently.

This brings me to Fresh Dailies, which is an online shop that sells curated beauty products and beauty tech tools. You might have read my feature of their Multi-functional Dust-Proof Cosmetic Portable Storage Box last week.

Fresh Dailies prides themselves on their wide variety of beauty tools and some of them look pretty interesting. They have 3 pages worth of devices for sale on their website to burn body fats, lift facial skin, remove blackheads, trim unsightly hair, style your hair and beautify your nails.  Thus, if you love innovative beauty gadgets, this is the place for you.

I chose to review the 4-in-1 Multi-functional Negative Ions Hot Brush ($38) because I could see it complementing my lifestyle.

You see, I wash and blow dry my hair everyday. Besides my hair dryer, I also own a small and thin Hot Brush for days when I want to head out with C-curls. This 4-in-1 Negative Ions Hot Brush from Fresh Dailies is a multipurpose one because it functions as a hair dryer, hair brush, hair curler and hair straightener. Actually, it does not matter even if it is 2-in-1. Just the hair-drying and hair-brushing properties are sufficient to win me over.

When I first saw this Hot Brush, I admit that I was stunned and a tad intimidated by its sheer size. It's huge!

On hind sight, thanks to its big brush head, you can brush or wrap more hair around it. To add, with its tangle-free bristles and massaging ball tips, it not only helps to dry your hair, it also makes your hair smooth and shiny too. While the Hot Brush could be used on both wet and dry hair, I will recommend towel-drying your hair till it is no longer dripping wet before using the device. Safety first!

I also like that the plug is customised to the buyer's country. My smaller Hot Brush came with a 2-pin plug, which meant that I had to use an adapter with it. Thankfully, this particular Hot Brush had a local 3-pin plug which fits my household socket perfectly without an adapter. YASSS!

There are 3 heat settings which you can adjust depending on your need:

1) Low Heat - For styling hair ends or touching up

2) Medium Heat - For fine/damaged hair

3) High Heat - For thick hair

When I tested the Hot Brush for the first time, I was a bit scared of the heat, so I tried it on Low Heat setting. I realized then that I could barely feel the heat, and my hair was not drying as fast as I expected. Thus, I went for Medium Heat, which suits my hair better. Besides, Medium Heat was also accompanied with low wind, so it was far less noisy compared to the other two settings. I did not find the High Heat necessary for my hair, and besides, it had the loudest whirring sound too!

Above is a picture of me (in left) with towel-dried, but still rather damp hair vs my dry hair (in right) after using the Hot Brush. I usually take a hell of a long time to blow dry my very long hair. This Hot Brush shortens my drying time by at least 10 minutes. Check out my Instagram post for a short demo video using this Hot Brush.

Although the Hot Brush did not remove frizz entirely from my hair, it did made my hair relatively less frizzy as compared to when I use a hair dryer. The Hot Brush also emits negative ions, which increases moisture in the hair, thereby reducing split ends and knotting. Looks like this Hot Brush is here to stay in my life!

My only gripe was that it can be rather tiring to be holding and rotating the Hot Brush with my small hands. As you know, the Hot Brush is huge, and it comes with a large (albeit ergonomic) handle. But.... my hands are tiny and it can be a tad difficult to have a good grip on the Hot Brush. Nonetheless, that's very likely just me and my own problem. :P

If you are interested to pamper your tresses with the 4-in-1 Multi-functional Negative Ions Hot Brush, you can purchase them directly on Fresh Dailies Website. Take 10% off this Hot Brush if you use the promo code <tracy10>. They provide free shipping in Singapore!

Do follow Fresh Dailies on Facebook and Instagram to look out for their updates and promotions too.

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Fresh Dailies. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

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