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Review: Keramimic 2.0 Conditioner & Hair Mask + SOS Emergency Oil by Alfaparf Milano

Hey people!

I have never been blessed with smooth and silky hair.

When my hair is left in its au naturel state, it is usually dry, frizzy and limp. Depending on my mood, my hair seems to also have a life of its own. On cheery days, my hair looks fabulous and photo-ready. On down days, it can get unruly!

Since I rely so much on hair products to tame my hair, choosing good quality products is of high importance to me. A hair conditioner is a necessity, while I typically own a hair mask as additional nourishment.

This month, I was introduced to Keramimic 2.0, a Japanese salon-grade product that functions both as a conditioner and a hair mask. This is a signature product used in Color Lush Studio's Ultra Softening Treatment, and customers can purchase a bottle to maintain their hair back at home too. That jumbo size of 500ml is so gonna last me a long time!

Along with it is an SOS Emergency Oil from Alfaparf Milano, an ampoule formulated to strengthen hair. A mini bottle of this can set you back by $15, but it is given free with the purchase of Keramimic 2.0. I'll show you how I use this oil in a while!

The Keramimic 2.0 contains two key ingredients, namely Keratin and Collagen. Keratin is an essential protein which strengthens hair and protects it from damage. Collagen increases the elasticity of hair and makes it soft and smooth. Both ingredients work together to give you healthy and shiny hair!

The above picture shows my hair in its natural state - dry hair ends, stubborn curls and frizz all over. Although I am used to the way it looks, I can definitely improve by using Keramimic 2.0 as a conditioner or a hair mask. As a conditioner, you will only need to apply 2 to 3 pumps of it on the lower 70% of your hair. Remember not to let the product touch your scalp!

I like to rub my hair to facilitate better absorption of the product by my hair cuticles. Once 5 minutes is up, I would then rinse off with cold water. Cold water closes the cuticles and seals the nutrients from the product within your hair.

While I prefer using Keramimic 2.0 to condition my hair, there are times when I would pamper my tresses with a hair mask too. For this, get ready a bowl because you would need it to hold 5 to 7 pumps of Keramimic 2.0. I personally use 7 pumps since I have such long and thick hair.

Infused with bamboo marrow, SOS Emergency Oil complements the effects of Keramimic 2.0 very well. The high silica content in the bamboo promotes hair repair from within, stimulates collagen production, and increases hair growth. To use this in the hair mask, pour the entire ampoule into the bowl and mix well using a brush till you see a thick and creamy consistency.

Now, you are ready to apply!

Start with the ends first so that they can be repaired for a longer time. From there, work your way up, and make sure to apply only on the lower 70% of your hair. Once again, be careful not to let the product touch your scalp.

Thereafter, wait for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. During the long waiting time, I would hold my damp hair with a towel to keep the water off my clothes. Alternatively, you can use a claw clip to bun your hair. 

Here's how my hair looks after masking and blow-drying. Tremendous improvement, isn't it?

Not only does my hair look strong and significantly less frizzy than before, it also feels soft and smooth to the touch. The hair mask comes with a pleasant scent and I like how it lingers on my head for a pretty long time. Most importantly, my hair is refreshed and healthy.
Now that I have witnessed how well it worked for me, I know I could count on it to restore my hair condition whenever I need.

If you are keen to rejuvenate your hair with the Keramimic 2.0 conditioner and hair mask, you can purchase it directly from Hair Mag SG website. The SOS Emergency Oil is complimentary with your purchase of Keramimic 2.0, and you get free delivery of both products right to your doorstep too.

Give your hair some tender, loving and care, and it will repay you with its beauty. Wishing you many good hair days ahead! :D

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Hair Mag SG. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

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