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Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing: Straightening Treatment + C-Curls & Hair Colour

Hey people!

It's been half a year since I did anything major to my hair and I knew that it was a matter of time to get my hair fixed.

How timely it was when I was approached by Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing to try a new hair service - a Straightening treatment + C-Curls that would be officially launched in the salon by May 2021. There will be promotions then, so do look out for it! 

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing is located at Hong Lim Complex, Level 2.

While it is within walking distance from Chinatown MRT Exit E, first-timers may still need to Google Map your way there, largely because Hong Lim Complex is a maze. I had a rough sense of its location because it is near Yan Palace, a Chinese restaurant which YX's grandmother loves visiting for celebrations.

Straightening treatment + C-Curls

As I knew that the Straightening treatment + C-Curls was going to be a 3 to 4 hour process, I took my leave and dedicated my entire Friday afternoon for it.

Ken was my hairstylist and I was so glad to leave my hair in his good hands. Before I commenced my hair service, he would take time to understand my hair history, such as the last time I coloured, straightened, permed or treated my hair. He was well aware of my hair concerns and very proactive in updating me on what I could expect from the entire service.

The salon uses a treatment cream from Rinka Aqua Care to reduce frizz on hair and leave behind a glossy, smooth finish. It also nourishes and strengthens hair cuticles to give you a healthy, strong hair.

While I never liked that pin straight hair from my past rebonding days, the straightening effect from this cream was way more natural, akin to how you would look after getting a blow-dry from a hair salon. Best of all, the straightening effect could last for 4 to 6 months.

After a hair wash, the treatment cream was applied all over my hair for 10 minutes. Thereafter, Ken touched up the cream and we waited for a further 13 minutes before washing it off. By then, my hair was already smooth and soft to the touch.

Once my hair was blow-dried, a hair straightener was used to further remove frizz and enhance the absorption of the cream into my hair cuticles. This took a good half an hour because my hair was so long!

Time to work on the C-Curls!

Ken proceeded to wrap my hair ends with rollers and connect them to a digital heater, where my hair was heated for the next 20 minutes. To prevent the heat from getting into contact with my face, additional rollers and cloths were placed as barriers in between my hair and my face.

As you can tell, a large part of the hair session was waiting (at least on the customer end) so be sure to bring along something to do if you are bored. I used the time wisely to draft captions for social media campaigns and publish my IG posts.

In the last segment of the hair session, a cream-based neutralizer was applied on my straightened hair (top 70% of my hair) while a water-based neutralizer was applied on my C-Curls (bottom 30% of my hair, i.e. the hair ends).

We waited for a further 15 minutes, before the final wash and blow-dry.

TADAH! Did you see a major difference between my 'before' (left) and 'after' (right) photos?

I was hugely impressed with my 'after' photo because my hair looked sleek and smooth, and I loved how it ended off with such GORGEOUS waves. It was a tremendous improvement from my lion's mane in the 'before photo', where my hair was out of shape and I evidently had frizz problems.

My colleagues saw me a week after and they were like 'Your hair looks so nice! Are you going somewhere later?', 'Where did you do your hair?' and even.... 'Your hair looks so smooth. Can I touch it?'. It is rare that my hair would get so many compliments at one go.

I always knew that I looked good with curls, but I have never gotten beyond a temporary perm before.

I have been told countless times by hairstylists that my hair condition is not suitable for perms because they would dry and damage my hair further. Besides, perms need regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to look good.

These C-Curls are a minimal version of perms, and they are so low maintenance that all you need is to care for your hair as per usual. You do not have to use any special products and you can wash your hair the next day too. Whether you are a lazy or a busy girl, these C-Curls will add style and volume to your overall look, even on days when you feel disheveled.

Since I blow-dry my hair everyday, I do make efforts to twist my hair ends while blow-drying so as to maintain my curls.

Ken taught me to do a comb-through of my hair before blow-drying it. When my hair is around 80% to 90% dry, I could separate my hair into two sections, and twist them inwards while blow-drying so that the curls would look more obvious.

If you want to put in zero effort, you can always leave your hair to air-dry, and your curls would still turn inwards naturally. Nonetheless, it is not my preferred choice because my curls could look a tad messy, so I prefer to do some hair-twisting to get them into my desired style. With regular washes, the straightness of my hair and the curls at my hair ends do look more natural with time.

Hair Colouring

While my hair looked amazing in the pictures above, my hair colour still required a touch-up as my dark roots were showing and my grey hairs were peeking out.

As such, I made another visit to the salon on the following week to get a new hair colour.

We had to separate both appointments so that the hair colouring would not interfere with the Straightening treatment + C-Curls, and it spared me from sitting in the salon for a full 6-hours.

Knowing that I love warm colours, Ken recommended me to go for a Chocolate Brown hair colour mixed with a Mahogany Red. I love the way this hair colour looks on me! I feel more vibrant with it, and it gave me a fairer complexion.

To think I wanted a Copper shade initially, in which Ken told me that Copper is a tad orangey and might not look good with my skin tone. The moral of the story? Trust the aesthetic taste of your hairstylist!

It is best to use a Colour Care Shampoo for up to a month to maintain the colour of your newly dyed hair. Since I colour my hair every 6 to 7 months, I always have a bottle of Colour Care Shampoo reserved for post-colour maintenance. Meanwhile, for my first week, I had to avoid wearing white clothes or using white towels just in case of staining by the reddish dye.

If you're interested to give your hair a makeover, you can certainly consider the Straightening treatment + C-Curls that will be offered by Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing in May 2021. The promotion is as follows:

Promo for May 2021

Straightening Treatment - $260 to $350 (depending on hair length and hair density)
C-Curls or S-Curls (includes haircut) - + $70

First time customers - 15% off final price
FREE La Biosthetique scalp treatment for customers doing straightening treatment

Maintenance for this hairstyle is a breeze, and you are so gonna love your transformation after it!

Do call Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing to make an appointment at 6223 3133. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions too!

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing
531 Upper Cross Street
Hong Lim Complex
#02-08, Singapore 050531

Operating hours:
11am to 8.30pm (Mon to Fri)

11am to 7.00pm (Sat)
11am to 5.00pm (Sun & PH)

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing. Reviews are based on personal experiences.
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