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Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing: Cool Brown Matte Ash Hair Color + Rinka C-Curls

Good day, my friends!

It's been 5 months since my last visit to Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing, where I went through a Rinka Straightening Treatment + C-Curls and a Chocolate Brown + Mahogany Red hair colour.

I would usually trim my hair by the 3rd month, but this time, I decided to let my hair grow. I was less irritated with my long hair this time because it was still looking somewhat stylish with what's left of my C-Curls. I guessed my hair really holds its Rinka C-Curls well.

Nonetheless, 5 months also meant that my hair colour was no longer even. My dark roots made its patchy appearance, and so did my grey hairs!

Look at the worrying state of my greys! I am not proud of it at all, so it was time to get my hair colour fixed at Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing. The salon is located at Hong Lim Complex, within walking distance from Chinatown MRT Station.

Hair Colouring

My hairstylist, Ken recommended that I go dark this time and try a Cool Brown hair colour with tones of Matte Ash.

As much as I love my reds and light browns, I decided that it's no harm trying a darker colour this time. After all, going dark meant that I could cover my greys better and even out my random streaks of bleached highlights from a separate hair engagement last year. I have never tried ash tones before as well, so Ken mixed some Matte Ash into the Cool Brown hair dye.

The salon was also using a new range of hair dye which not only did not irritate the scalp; it also smelled fab! For a moment, I thought that Ken was coating my hair with a hair mask instead of a hair dye. That was how comfortable it felt on my head.

There are some cheap hair dyes in the market that are not very friendly to the hair, and might leave a tingly and itchy sensation on your scalp. Some of them might even be accompanied with an artifical chemical smell. Thus, it's good to know that Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing is always looking to improve the quality of their hair dyes!

After washing the hair dye off, a Moisture Mask was applied on my hair for a good 10 minutes before it was rinsed off. My hair definitely felt smooth and soft thereafter. The fragrance of the hair products was so long-lasting that it lingered on my head all the way till bedtime.

In terms of hair colour, the picture taken from the back was a more accurate representation of my hair colour compared to my selfie. Overall, it looked more like a light grey shade than brown actually. I'll definitely need to get used to a less striking shade, but at least I now know that I would not look like an old lady with ash hair.

Rinka C-Curls

Three weeks later, I returned to the salon for Ken to work on my Rinka C-Curls. We had to arrange separate appointments for the hair colour and the Rinka C-Curls sessions because it would be less effective to colour and treat your hair concurrently.

The Rinka treatment straightens majority of your hair while curling your hair ends. Besides its dual function, I like that the hairstyle involves minimal maintenance and its effects can last around 4 to 6 months. Surprisingly, the Rinka treatment lasted longer than expected on me. My hair was still looking straight by the 6th month, and my curls were still slightly visible by the time I visited Ken for my hair colour.

For this appointment, we decided to skip the straightening and go right to the curling bit of the Rinka treatment. Ken suggested to give me bigger and more curls this time. After applying the treatment, my hair was sectioned and rolled up, before connecting them to a digital heater.

If you are straightening and curling your hair, be prepared to allocate around 3.5 hours of time in the salon. If you are just doing curling, you would be there for around 2.5 hours. Most of the time involved waiting while Ken did what he needed to do for my hair. Thus, I used my time productively to have my lunch (I brought in a wrap because it was easier to eat it while my hair was all hooked up), draft my social media captions and publish my IG stories.

How do you like my curls?

I felt instantaneously beautiful after seeing how voluminous and bouncy my curls were. My coarse hair texture was supposedly not suitable for perms (as shared with me by previous hairstylists), but Rinka treatment seemed to work incredibly well on me.

Gotta thank Ken for teaching me how to maintain my curls too, and even getting me to demonstrate it for him. I do follow his tips diligently, which probably explained why the curling effect could last so long on my stubborn hair. In case you are wondering why my hair colour looked significantly lighter by the second appointment, it was because I took my photos near a window facing direct sunlight in mid-day. Natural lighting gives me a brighter hair colour, and it is likely that my regular hair washing had lightened my hair colour along the way too.

In any case, my hair is still gorgeous and my confidence is over the roof now. Thank you Ken for having me as your hair model!

If you want to colour your hair or try a Rinka treatment at Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing, make an appointment with them at 6223 3133. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions too!

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing
531 Upper Cross Street
Hong Lim Complex
#02-08, Singapore 050531

Operating hours:
11am to 8.30pm (Mon to Fri)

11am to 7.00pm (Sat)
11am to 5.00pm (Sun & PH)

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing: Straightening Treatment + C-Curls & Hair Colour

Hey people!

It's been half a year since I did anything major to my hair and I knew that it was a matter of time to get my hair fixed.

How timely it was when I was approached by Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing to try a new hair service - a Straightening treatment + C-Curls that would be officially launched in the salon by May 2021. There will be promotions then, so do look out for it! 

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing is located at Hong Lim Complex, Level 2.

While it is within walking distance from Chinatown MRT Exit E, first-timers may still need to Google Map your way there, largely because Hong Lim Complex is a maze. I had a rough sense of its location because it is near Yan Palace, a Chinese restaurant which YX's grandmother loves visiting for celebrations.

Straightening treatment + C-Curls

As I knew that the Straightening treatment + C-Curls was going to be a 3 to 4 hour process, I took my leave and dedicated my entire Friday afternoon for it.

Ken was my hairstylist and I was so glad to leave my hair in his good hands. Before I commenced my hair service, he would take time to understand my hair history, such as the last time I coloured, straightened, permed or treated my hair. He was well aware of my hair concerns and very proactive in updating me on what I could expect from the entire service.

The salon uses a treatment cream from Rinka Aqua Care to reduce frizz on hair and leave behind a glossy, smooth finish. It also nourishes and strengthens hair cuticles to give you a healthy, strong hair.

While I never liked that pin straight hair from my past rebonding days, the straightening effect from this cream was way more natural, akin to how you would look after getting a blow-dry from a hair salon. Best of all, the straightening effect could last for 4 to 6 months.

After a hair wash, the treatment cream was applied all over my hair for 10 minutes. Thereafter, Ken touched up the cream and we waited for a further 13 minutes before washing it off. By then, my hair was already smooth and soft to the touch.

Once my hair was blow-dried, a hair straightener was used to further remove frizz and enhance the absorption of the cream into my hair cuticles. This took a good half an hour because my hair was so long!

Time to work on the C-Curls!

Ken proceeded to wrap my hair ends with rollers and connect them to a digital heater, where my hair was heated for the next 20 minutes. To prevent the heat from getting into contact with my face, additional rollers and cloths were placed as barriers in between my hair and my face.

As you can tell, a large part of the hair session was waiting (at least on the customer end) so be sure to bring along something to do if you are bored. I used the time wisely to draft captions for social media campaigns and publish my IG posts.

In the last segment of the hair session, a cream-based neutralizer was applied on my straightened hair (top 70% of my hair) while a water-based neutralizer was applied on my C-Curls (bottom 30% of my hair, i.e. the hair ends).

We waited for a further 15 minutes, before the final wash and blow-dry.

TADAH! Did you see a major difference between my 'before' (left) and 'after' (right) photos?

I was hugely impressed with my 'after' photo because my hair looked sleek and smooth, and I loved how it ended off with such GORGEOUS waves. It was a tremendous improvement from my lion's mane in the 'before photo', where my hair was out of shape and I evidently had frizz problems.

My colleagues saw me a week after and they were like 'Your hair looks so nice! Are you going somewhere later?', 'Where did you do your hair?' and even.... 'Your hair looks so smooth. Can I touch it?'. It is rare that my hair would get so many compliments at one go.

I always knew that I looked good with curls, but I have never gotten beyond a temporary perm before.

I have been told countless times by hairstylists that my hair condition is not suitable for perms because they would dry and damage my hair further. Besides, perms need regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to look good.

These C-Curls are a minimal version of perms, and they are so low maintenance that all you need is to care for your hair as per usual. You do not have to use any special products and you can wash your hair the next day too. Whether you are a lazy or a busy girl, these C-Curls will add style and volume to your overall look, even on days when you feel disheveled.

Since I blow-dry my hair everyday, I do make efforts to twist my hair ends while blow-drying so as to maintain my curls.

Ken taught me to do a comb-through of my hair before blow-drying it. When my hair is around 80% to 90% dry, I could separate my hair into two sections, and twist them inwards while blow-drying so that the curls would look more obvious.

If you want to put in zero effort, you can always leave your hair to air-dry, and your curls would still turn inwards naturally. Nonetheless, it is not my preferred choice because my curls could look a tad messy, so I prefer to do some hair-twisting to get them into my desired style. With regular washes, the straightness of my hair and the curls at my hair ends do look more natural with time.

Hair Colouring

While my hair looked amazing in the pictures above, my hair colour still required a touch-up as my dark roots were showing and my grey hairs were peeking out.

As such, I made another visit to the salon on the following week to get a new hair colour.

We had to separate both appointments so that the hair colouring would not interfere with the Straightening treatment + C-Curls, and it spared me from sitting in the salon for a full 6-hours.

Knowing that I love warm colours, Ken recommended me to go for a Chocolate Brown hair colour mixed with a Mahogany Red. I love the way this hair colour looks on me! I feel more vibrant with it, and it gave me a fairer complexion.

To think I wanted a Copper shade initially, in which Ken told me that Copper is a tad orangey and might not look good with my skin tone. The moral of the story? Trust the aesthetic taste of your hairstylist!

It is best to use a Colour Care Shampoo for up to a month to maintain the colour of your newly dyed hair. Since I colour my hair every 6 to 7 months, I always have a bottle of Colour Care Shampoo reserved for post-colour maintenance. Meanwhile, for my first week, I had to avoid wearing white clothes or using white towels just in case of staining by the reddish dye.

If you're interested to give your hair a makeover, you can certainly consider the Straightening treatment + C-Curls that will be offered by Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing in May 2021. The promotion is as follows:

Promo for May 2021

Straightening Treatment - $260 to $350 (depending on hair length and hair density)
C-Curls or S-Curls (includes haircut) - + $70

First time customers - 15% off final price
FREE La Biosthetique scalp treatment for customers doing straightening treatment

Maintenance for this hairstyle is a breeze, and you are so gonna love your transformation after it!

Do call Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing to make an appointment at 6223 3133. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions too!

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing
531 Upper Cross Street
Hong Lim Complex
#02-08, Singapore 050531

Operating hours:
11am to 8.30pm (Mon to Fri)

11am to 7.00pm (Sat)
11am to 5.00pm (Sun & PH)

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Review: Keramimic 2.0 Conditioner & Hair Mask + SOS Emergency Oil by Alfaparf Milano

Hey people!

I have never been blessed with smooth and silky hair.

When my hair is left in its au naturel state, it is usually dry, frizzy and limp. Depending on my mood, my hair seems to also have a life of its own. On cheery days, my hair looks fabulous and photo-ready. On down days, it can get unruly!

Since I rely so much on hair products to tame my hair, choosing good quality products is of high importance to me. A hair conditioner is a necessity, while I typically own a hair mask as additional nourishment.

This month, I was introduced to Keramimic 2.0, a Japanese salon-grade product that functions both as a conditioner and a hair mask. This is a signature product used in Color Lush Studio's Ultra Softening Treatment, and customers can purchase a bottle to maintain their hair back at home too. That jumbo size of 500ml is so gonna last me a long time!

Along with it is an SOS Emergency Oil from Alfaparf Milano, an ampoule formulated to strengthen hair. A mini bottle of this can set you back by $15, but it is given free with the purchase of Keramimic 2.0. I'll show you how I use this oil in a while!

The Keramimic 2.0 contains two key ingredients, namely Keratin and Collagen. Keratin is an essential protein which strengthens hair and protects it from damage. Collagen increases the elasticity of hair and makes it soft and smooth. Both ingredients work together to give you healthy and shiny hair!

The above picture shows my hair in its natural state - dry hair ends, stubborn curls and frizz all over. Although I am used to the way it looks, I can definitely improve by using Keramimic 2.0 as a conditioner or a hair mask. As a conditioner, you will only need to apply 2 to 3 pumps of it on the lower 70% of your hair. Remember not to let the product touch your scalp!

I like to rub my hair to facilitate better absorption of the product by my hair cuticles. Once 5 minutes is up, I would then rinse off with cold water. Cold water closes the cuticles and seals the nutrients from the product within your hair.

While I prefer using Keramimic 2.0 to condition my hair, there are times when I would pamper my tresses with a hair mask too. For this, get ready a bowl because you would need it to hold 5 to 7 pumps of Keramimic 2.0. I personally use 7 pumps since I have such long and thick hair.

Infused with bamboo marrow, SOS Emergency Oil complements the effects of Keramimic 2.0 very well. The high silica content in the bamboo promotes hair repair from within, stimulates collagen production, and increases hair growth. To use this in the hair mask, pour the entire ampoule into the bowl and mix well using a brush till you see a thick and creamy consistency.

Now, you are ready to apply!

Start with the ends first so that they can be repaired for a longer time. From there, work your way up, and make sure to apply only on the lower 70% of your hair. Once again, be careful not to let the product touch your scalp.

Thereafter, wait for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. During the long waiting time, I would hold my damp hair with a towel to keep the water off my clothes. Alternatively, you can use a claw clip to bun your hair. 

Here's how my hair looks after masking and blow-drying. Tremendous improvement, isn't it?

Not only does my hair look strong and significantly less frizzy than before, it also feels soft and smooth to the touch. The hair mask comes with a pleasant scent and I like how it lingers on my head for a pretty long time. Most importantly, my hair is refreshed and healthy.
Now that I have witnessed how well it worked for me, I know I could count on it to restore my hair condition whenever I need.

If you are keen to rejuvenate your hair with the Keramimic 2.0 conditioner and hair mask, you can purchase it directly from Hair Mag SG website. The SOS Emergency Oil is complimentary with your purchase of Keramimic 2.0, and you get free delivery of both products right to your doorstep too.

Give your hair some tender, loving and care, and it will repay you with its beauty. Wishing you many good hair days ahead! :D

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Hair Mag SG. Reviews are based on personal experiences.


Fresh Dailies: 4-in-1 Multi-functional Negative Ions Hot Brush

Hey people!

Do you use beauty tools? Although I am a beauty junkie, I am not that adventurous when it comes to using beauty tools. For example, I do not use straightening or curling irons to style my hair. I simply leave my hair in natural state.

Thus, if I ever own a beauty tool, it is because it fits within my simple lifestyle and I can see myself using it frequently.

This brings me to Fresh Dailies, which is an online shop that sells curated beauty products and beauty tech tools. You might have read my feature of their Multi-functional Dust-Proof Cosmetic Portable Storage Box last week.

Fresh Dailies prides themselves on their wide variety of beauty tools and some of them look pretty interesting. They have 3 pages worth of devices for sale on their website to burn body fats, lift facial skin, remove blackheads, trim unsightly hair, style your hair and beautify your nails.  Thus, if you love innovative beauty gadgets, this is the place for you.

I chose to review the 4-in-1 Multi-functional Negative Ions Hot Brush ($38) because I could see it complementing my lifestyle.

You see, I wash and blow dry my hair everyday. Besides my hair dryer, I also own a small and thin Hot Brush for days when I want to head out with C-curls. This 4-in-1 Negative Ions Hot Brush from Fresh Dailies is a multipurpose one because it functions as a hair dryer, hair brush, hair curler and hair straightener. Actually, it does not matter even if it is 2-in-1. Just the hair-drying and hair-brushing properties are sufficient to win me over.

When I first saw this Hot Brush, I admit that I was stunned and a tad intimidated by its sheer size. It's huge!

On hind sight, thanks to its big brush head, you can brush or wrap more hair around it. To add, with its tangle-free bristles and massaging ball tips, it not only helps to dry your hair, it also makes your hair smooth and shiny too. While the Hot Brush could be used on both wet and dry hair, I will recommend towel-drying your hair till it is no longer dripping wet before using the device. Safety first!

I also like that the plug is customised to the buyer's country. My smaller Hot Brush came with a 2-pin plug, which meant that I had to use an adapter with it. Thankfully, this particular Hot Brush had a local 3-pin plug which fits my household socket perfectly without an adapter. YASSS!

There are 3 heat settings which you can adjust depending on your need:

1) Low Heat - For styling hair ends or touching up

2) Medium Heat - For fine/damaged hair

3) High Heat - For thick hair

When I tested the Hot Brush for the first time, I was a bit scared of the heat, so I tried it on Low Heat setting. I realized then that I could barely feel the heat, and my hair was not drying as fast as I expected. Thus, I went for Medium Heat, which suits my hair better. Besides, Medium Heat was also accompanied with low wind, so it was far less noisy compared to the other two settings. I did not find the High Heat necessary for my hair, and besides, it had the loudest whirring sound too!

Above is a picture of me (in left) with towel-dried, but still rather damp hair vs my dry hair (in right) after using the Hot Brush. I usually take a hell of a long time to blow dry my very long hair. This Hot Brush shortens my drying time by at least 10 minutes. Check out my Instagram post for a short demo video using this Hot Brush.

Although the Hot Brush did not remove frizz entirely from my hair, it did made my hair relatively less frizzy as compared to when I use a hair dryer. The Hot Brush also emits negative ions, which increases moisture in the hair, thereby reducing split ends and knotting. Looks like this Hot Brush is here to stay in my life!

My only gripe was that it can be rather tiring to be holding and rotating the Hot Brush with my small hands. As you know, the Hot Brush is huge, and it comes with a large (albeit ergonomic) handle. But.... my hands are tiny and it can be a tad difficult to have a good grip on the Hot Brush. Nonetheless, that's very likely just me and my own problem. :P

If you are interested to pamper your tresses with the 4-in-1 Multi-functional Negative Ions Hot Brush, you can purchase them directly on Fresh Dailies Website. Take 10% off this Hot Brush if you use the promo code <tracy10>. They provide free shipping in Singapore!

Do follow Fresh Dailies on Facebook and Instagram to look out for their updates and promotions too.

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Fresh Dailies. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Smile Project Photo

Color Lush Studio: Affordable Hair Colour Services in Toa Payoh Central

Hey people!

Color Lush Studio recently opened their hair studio in the heart of Toa Payoh, and I was honoured to be invited to try their hair services.

Color Lush Studio is located under a HDB Block, within walking distance from Toa Payoh MRT Station Exit C.

I am very familiar with Toa Payoh since I used to work there for 4 years so I knew where the hair salon was exactly just by looking at the address. Beside Color Lush Studio is a beauty salon called 'Pretty Relax' which does facial treatments, body treatments and nail services. As it turned out, Pretty Relax and Color Lush Studio are sister companies!

In terms of interior, the hair salon is pretty small so they can serve between 5 to 6 customers each time. If you need to visit the washroom, you can head over next door to Pretty Relax to use theirs if needed. That is especially important if you are doing a hair service that will keep you in your seat for hours.

A quick browse of their Facebook page tells me that they specialise in creative coloring services, such as Balayage, Ombre, Underlight, Two-tone hair colours, etc. You name it, they've got it. Beyond colouring, they also offer haircuts, treatments, rebonding and perming services. Enticed by the gorgeous tresses I saw on their page, I decided that I will try their colouring services. :)

I was stunned when I saw the prices plastered on their entrance because they were a lot more affordable than I expected.

The $68 hair colour promotion that you see there applies for all hair lengths, and includes two treatments - the Miracle Oil Repair Treatment and Protein Haircare Treatment. If you are going for a more fancy style like Balayage, Ombre or Underlight, it costs $128, including a haircut. For this collaboration, I would be doing colouring + babylights, which is worth $158 for my long hair.

Many hair salons would have charged an arm and a leg for such creative colours, so I was surprised that Color Lush Studio had kept their prices affordable. Best of all, the prices are nett and there is no GST or service charge. What you see is what you get.

Although I love my reddish brown hair, the colour seemed to have faded over time from my recent pictures. My black roots and white hairs were also peeking out. Thus, I was ready for a change.

My hairstylist recommended for me to try babylights over a base colour. Babylights are a form of highlights, except that they come in fine and delicate strips instead of long, thick and nicely segregated strips. The babylights also mimic the dimensional hair colour that children have. Since Asian kids typically have black hair, I supposed they were referring to Western kids? :P

I used to have very obvious-looking highlights in my younger days when two-tone colours were the rage, but now, it seemed that people prefer a more natural look. Since I have never tried babylights until that day, I decided that I will give it a go and see how I like it.

For babylights, the hairstylist will typically highlight more sections of my hair. He also bleached these sections so that the final colours of the babylights will stand out.

After wrapping my hair sections in aluminium foil, he proceeded to colour the rest of my hair. I was so totally looking like a crazy alumnium foil lady here!

My hairstylist also noticed my white hairs at the top of my head, and intentionally blended a dark brown hair dye to make sure that my white hairs were entirely covered. That was super sweet of him! Most hairstylists would just let me know that my white hairs would not be covered fully due to the lightness of the hair dye that I have chosen.

That's how my hair looked, with my base colour done and my babylights bleached. It actually looks pretty good even in its partial stage.

In case you are wondering what colours were used as a base, the hairstylist had mixed copper red with red to give me the reddish brown hair that I desire. For babylights, it was a mix of copper red, red and violet. You will see the effect of the babylights as you scroll down this blog entry.

Before applying the colours for babylights, we proceeded with Kera Ultra Softening Treatment which was generously applied all over my hair. The treatment helps to smoothen my hair, and also strengthen my hair cuticles.

I was told by another hairstylist that this treatment is especially good for people who are going for crazy hair colours. She's one of them and using the treatment had helped her to speed up the rate of hair drying after wash.

Once the treatment was applied, my hair was cling-wrapped, and I had to wait for 10 minutes for the product to infuse into my hair. Thereafter, a hair straightener was used to faciltiate the infusion, and allow the treatment to be locked in my hair.

I urge you to close your eyes at this point because the treatment can irritate the eyes. It's like cutting an onion, you know? I was using my phone, and before I knew it, my eyes had started to tear. Tissues to the rescue and thank God the teary eyes did not last long. :D

After colouring my babylights, washing my hair and blow-drying, this was the final result.

The colour was definitely 'me', and I loved how the babylights blended so naturally with the base colour. I usually wear my hair straight and I was very pleased with how it looked. My hairstylist also gave me temporary curls, which made my hair looked ten times better! Gosh, I feel so pretty with this hair! In fact, thanks to this hair, I have gotten plenty of compliments in the past weeks.

Even though I spent slightly more than 5 hours in the hair salon, it was definitely worth my time. To maintain my hair colour, I was advised not to wash my hair for the next two days, and to use a colour care shampoo if I have one. Reddish and violet tones generally do not last long on black Asian hair, so using a colour care shampoo helps to prolong the colours for a longer while.

Need to refresh your hair colour, or looking to try an entirely new hairstyle?

You can make an appointment on Color Lush Studio's website. Alternatively, you can send them a Whatsapp text or call them at 8858 0871 to book an appointment!

Do follow Color Lush Studio on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions too!

Color Lush Studio
177 Toa Payoh Central
#01-144, Singapore 310177

Operating hours: 11am to 9pm daily
(Except Sundays and Mondays where it closes at 8pm)

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Color Lush Studio. Reviews are based on personal experiences.
Ribbon Dress

Achieve Airy C-curls with PLAY by TUFT Bristle Hot Brush

Hey people!

I have always wondered how hairstylists create those gorgeous curls at the end of my hair, aka C-curls during a blow-dry session.

It seemed like they had to point the hair-dryer from an angled position at my hair, maintain it at a certain heat level, while combing my hair inwards using a roller brush. It might look easy but it never worked when I was attempting it on my own. It did not help that my hair could be quite stubborn as well.

Recently, I finally created my own airy C-curls from the comfort of my home with the help of a 32mm Bristle Hot Brush by Play by Tuft. Man, I am so proud of myself!

PLAY by TUFT is an in-house brand by Tai Wah, a private company that has been distributing hair equipment, haircare and skincare products ever since 1956. Besides having an e-store, Tai Wah also has a showroom at TPI building along Cecil Street.

Ladies who love styling their hair would adore the variety of fun hairstyling tools by PLAY by TUFT. They have different types of styling and curling irons, heated brushes and hair dryers. Although I am a complete newbie to styling and curling irons, I was drawn to the newly launched Bristle Hot Brush as it was a combination of a hair curler and a hair brush.

Mad love with the ergonomic design of the Bristle Hot Brush, and how lightweight it is!

The Brush comes with a tangle-free swivel cord which you would need to plug into an electrical outlet before using. It also has auto-dual voltage, which allows the Brush to be used in all countries without the need for a switch. As it comes with a two-pin plug, you would need to use it along with a plug-in adaptor in Singapore.

When the power button is turned on, you will hear a 'Beep' sound and see a blue light. It will blink while heating up, and stop when it reaches the optimal temperature. You can start to use the Brush then.

To achieve C-curls, I would take a section of my hair, twist it around the Bristle Hot Brush, and roll my Brush gently downwards. This step would be repeated until all sections of my hair has been covered. It is a tad difficult to explain properly in words, so I will upload a short demo video on my Instagram @gilmangirl tomorrow if you are interested to watch. Go follow me on my socials, and watch the video!

Although I could feel a warm sensation while using this Brush, I know I did not have to worry about it burning my hair. Using Ceramic technology, the soft bristles on the Brush are resistant to heat. There is also an ion generator to neutralise hair static, giving rise to shiny and smooth hair. I just wished it could help to control my frizz better.

Nonetheless, did you see what a difference it made when I used the Bristle Hot Brush? The side of my hair that has not been touched by the Bristle Hot Brush looked limp and flat, while the side of my hair that I have tested the Brush on had a nice inward curl and more volume.

After curling both sides of my hair, this is the result - soft, airy C-curls that gave my hair more dimension and volume. The curls could last for a few hours too. Do you think I should wear my hair like that more often? I do feel and look better with this hairstyle. :)

For newbies who have never curled their hair in their life, it is normal to feel unsure when using this hairstyling tool. The first time I tried it, I did not even achieve a single curl and I wondered if I was doing it the wrong way. I then realized that the trick is to twist your hair around the Brush and hold it in its position for around 5 seconds before rolling it downwards. If you are feeling adventurous, you can create more curls and experiment with different hairstyles.

When you are done, you can unplug and wait for the Brush to cool down completely before storing it in a heat resistant pouch. The cord can be coiled separately instead of wrapping it around the Brush. If you see some hair strands stuck around the bristles, wait for the Brush to cool before pulling the hair strands out manually with your bare hands. It is not diffcult at all.

In sum, I enjoyed myself tremendously while experimenting with this Bristle Hot Brush. Once you get the hang of it, you will like how fuss-free it is when it comes to creating simple hairstyles. I can foresee myself using it when I want to doll up for dates or events.

If there is a need to clean the Brush, do make sure that the Brush is disconnected from the power source and completely cooled, before wiping it with a soft damp cloth. As the Brush is generally low maintenance, you would not have to clean it often.

Interested to get your hands on PLAY by TUFT's Bristle Hot Brush?

The Bristle Hot Brush usually retails at $99, but is currently going at a $80 new launch promotion. Head over to Tai Wah's Homepage on Lazada to order it! May you achieve good hair days with this awesome hairstyling tool. :)

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Tai Wah Pte Ltd. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Bond Rebuilder Collagen Treatment + Aloe Vera Nano-Liquid Treatment @ Steve V Hair Studio

Hey people!

Keeping my hair long for the wedding has been a chore.

My hair was already out of shape by the time it was my big day, but I still did not dare to cut it. During my wedding, a generous amount of hairspray was used on my hair to keep its shape and style. While I loved my bridal hairstyles, the tons of hairspray made my hair frizzy and dry thereafter.

You would bet that I was looking forward to my appointment with Steve V Hair Studio after my wedding because I could get my hair treated and FINALLY CUT MY HAIR!

Thank you to the team from Steve V for taking care of my hair right before I flew off for my honeymoon.

My hair session started off with a much desired hair cut.

Although I did not make drastic changes to my hair length, I requested to layer my hair and trimmed it till it was slightly past my shoulders as I wanted definition to my boringly long, thick and heavy hair.

Got my hair washed and conditioned before I proceeded with my double hair treatments - starting with the Bond Rebuilder Collagen Treatment followed by the Aloe Vera Nano-Liquid Treatment.

You can choose to do both treatments, or either of them, depending on your budget and hair condition.

The Bond Rebuilder Collagen Treatment is a hair mask treatment which aims to repair damaged and brittle hair by strengthening hair cuticles.

The hair stylist will typically assess your hair condition before mixing a hair mask concoction for you. My hair mask consisted of a mixture of a nutritive mask and an illuminating mask for nourishment, shine and hydration.

Besides mixing two masks, bond rebuilder and a few drops of nutritive essential oil were also added to the mask mixture. 

There you go! This mask mixture was then applied to every strand of my hair, coating it with nutrients and goodness.

While applying the mask mixture, water was also sprayed on my hair to aid the absorption of the products.

The mask mixture was left on my hair for around 5 to 10 minutes before steaming took place for the next 10 minutes. Steaming the hair helps to open up the hair cuticle layer so that the products could be absorbed better and faster.

After washing the mixture off, I proceeded with the Aloe Vera Nano-Liquid Treatment, which is a hair essence treatment that strives to replenish moisture. Perfect for people with dry and frizzy hair!

As my hair was damp, it was the right time to spray the Aloe Vera Nano-Liquid Treatment onto my hair and gently rub the essence in. The team was very sweet to give me two bottles of Aloe Vera Nano-Liquid Treatment to maintain my hair at home. Apparently, you can use this daily as a leave-in treatment in place of conditioner without the need to rinse it off.

Here comes the fun and also scary part. Using a nano gun device, tiny water molecules were sprayed into my hair at high speed, facilitating the absorption of the Aloe Vera Nano-Liquid treatment. It was like using a mega high-speed hair dryer, although I was honestly a tad freaked out by the sound from the nano gun.

Nonetheless, all was good. I thereby present the 'Before' (left picture) and 'After' (right picture) of my hair.

You could see that my hair in the 'After' picture was smooth, shiny and practically frizz-free. I was so happy to see that my hair had shape and definition again!

Totally could not stop running my fingers through my hair after my session.

The length was just the way I like it and I felt that my hair was rejuvenated again. Best of all, my hair was so lightweight and a lot easier to maintain during my honeymoon.

A shoutout to my hair stylist for treating and cutting my hair so meticulously, as well as Zell for being an awesome photographer. Thank you to the team for hosting me as well!

Do you want to achieve smooth, frizz-free and manageable hair? Pamper your tresses by booking an appointment with Steve V Hair Studio! Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming year-end hair deals!

Steve V Hair Studio
470 North Bridge Road
Bugis Cube
#04-04 S188735

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Steve V Hair Studio. Reviews are based on personal experiences.
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Review: Herbal Hair Treatment @ Bee Choo OriginLadies

Hey people!

I've had all sorts of hair problems in my life.

In my teenage days, I had a super greasy scalp and lots of dandruff. Now, I have chemically damaged hair (due to regular dyeing sessions) and white hairs that you've seen plenty of times in my photos.

I was recently introduced to Bee Choo OriginLadies at Pahang Street (Bugis), a hair treatment centre that specialises in herbal hair treatment.

There are 7 Bee Choo Origin outlets in Singapore but the one that I visited at Bugis is a special ladies-only outlet with lady therapists and lady customers. When I asked why there was a need to have a ladies-only outlet, I was told that it was opened to cater to Muslim customers who would like to go through herbal hair treatment at their privacy.

Interestingly, Bee Choo OriginLadies has only one herbal hair treatment so every customer will actually be going through the same treatment.

The herbal treatment treats 6 hair problems at one go, namely:

1) Hair loss
2) White/Grey hair
3) Oily and Itchy Scalp
4) Dandruff
5) Chemically damaged hair
6) Bacterial infection

The history of Bee Choo Origin went way back in 2000 when the founder, Madam Cheah Bee Choo opened her HDB flat to offer hairdressing services using homemade herbal haircare products.

With growing popularity, she managed to open her first hair care treatment salon at Ang Mo Kio before expanding to six other outlets.

My first impression of the outlet was that it looked very pretty and feminine, with floral walls and Victorian-looking mirrors. I was expecting the outlet to look plain and simple actually.

Since it was the Christmas season, there were Christmas decors and wreaths at the entrance and lovely Christmas tunes playing in the background. I really enjoyed the whole festive atmosphere there.

As I was a new customer, I had to go through a scalp analysis to check on the condition of my hair.

Surprisingly, my scalp was relatively clean with few oil clogs (I guessed that means my hair products are working well!). I was told that my hair is thick ( a good sign, apparently) and I do not have much hair loss problems. Nonetheless, I do have some dandruff and I still have my white hairs so let's see how this hair treatment helps.

The first step was to massage hair tonic into my scalp.

The massage extended all the way from the top of my head to my shoulders. It was much needed and very comfortable.

Next comes the herbal paste, which is freshly cooked using 5 Chinese herbs - He Shou Wu, Chuang Xiong, Ling Zhi, Dang Gui and Ginseng. This will be applied onto your entire head, covering every hair strand.

As the paste comes in a natural copper dye, it coloured my white hairs. If your hair is already coloured, do bear in mind that the paste will change your hair colour a little so if you are uncomfortable, you can request for a 'colourless' herbal paste at the start of the treatment. Surprisingly, the 'colourless' herbal paste still looked brown, except that it was a more watery version. I was told that the 'colourless' herbal paste was cooked longer than its 'coloured' counterpart, killing off its ability to stain your hair with its natural dye.

If your hair colour is very light or even bleached, the 'coloured' herbal paste can darken your hair colour slightly. For me, my current hair colour is pretty dark so it actually lightened my hair colour and made it more vibrant.

Another thing to note is that the herbal paste protects your hair from chemical intrusion, which might affect the effectiveness of chemical treatments such as rebonding, perming and hair dyeing. Thus, you should try to avoid going for a herbal hair treatment at least 3 weeks before your chemical treatment session.

Once my hair was entirely coated with the cooling herbal paste, my head was left to steam for 45 minutes. It was so thoughtful of the therapist to give me a warm shoulder pad to relax my shoulders.

Steaming is essential to allow your pores to open up and absorb the herbal paste nutrients effectively. This helps to stimulate hair growth and treat the other hair problems.

The 45 minute waiting time was undeniably long so do occupy yourself with a book or something. I took the chance to reply my emails and do my social media posts.

In the last step, I went through the most relaxing hair wash ever. Seriously can't get enough of the soothing head massages!

My hair was then semi-dried using a hair dryer. I learnt that it was not ideal to fully dry your hair because you want your hair to continue absorbing the herbal nutrients.

There was a lingering herbal scent that would last for around 2 days but it was not repulsive so I was okay with it. The scent seemed to become less strong by the next day, especially after I have washed my hair. It is recommended to wait till the next day to wash your hair but if you find the scent intolerable, you can wash your hair after 5 hours.

Although it was supposed to be a 1.5 hour session, my session took around 2 hours, possibly because they took a longer time to wash and dry my hair. Additionally, there were a lot of customers getting their hair treated on Christmas and New Year eve.

For post-treatment maintenance, you can consider getting Bee Choo Origin hair care products. I recommend their Purity Scalp Hair Shampoo and Hair Tonic which worked really well together. The shampoo was used during my hair wash and I really ADORE the cooling, minty sensation on my head. My scalp felt super refreshed and clean. After blow-drying your hair, you can then spray some Hair Tonic and massage it into the scalp for better absorption. The scent is very pleasant and you need not rinse the product off. I am so gonna use both products everyday!

The price of Bee Choo Origin's herbal hair treatment ranges from $41 (for a bob hair length) to $69 (for hair as long as mine) per session. If you intend to go for more than one treatment session, you can schedule your sessions one week apart for optimal results.

To experience their herbal hair treatment, you can call them at (65) 6291 5354 for an appointment. They are open from 10am to 8pm daily and it is advisable to schedule your appointment at least one day in advance.

Do also check out their website and Facebook for updates!

Bee Choo OriginLadies
5 Pahang Street
Singapore 198606

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Bee Choo OriginLadies. Reviews are based on personal experiences.
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10 Budget-Friendly Beauty Products to get from Althea this Christmas

Hey people!

Being an Althea Angel and a fan of K-beauty products, I've tried plenty of Korean skincare and makeup products in the market.

For years, they've served my skin very well. I also like how they come in such trendy packaging and are more affordable than the upmarket brands. Althea is a great site to stock up on K-beauty products, particularly brands that are not typically found in Singapore. They even provide free shipping for orders above $29!

If you're overwhelmed with the large variety of brands on Althea, no worries! Here's a guide on the 10 budget-friendly beauty products you can get from Althea this Christmas for yourself or your loved ones.

1) Laneige Mini Sleeping Mask Set + Basic Sample Kit ($32)

Tried the legendary Laneige Water Sleeping Mask? If you haven't, please do, because your skin will thank you.

I wanted to recommend the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask at first, but when I saw that they have a Mini Sleeping Mask Set, I figured it would be a better deal.

The Mini Set comes with three masks - the Water Sleeping Mask (Original), the Water Sleeping Mask (Lavender) and the Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask, as well as a Basic Trial Kit comprising a skin refiner and an emulsion. It's good to try these mini-sized products before you invest in the retail-size version.

2) Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar ($24)

I wanted to try the highly raved two tone lip bars after seeing Song Hye Kyo applying it in Descendants of the Sun. Damn, I didn't know that ombre lips can look so good and so wearable!

Although Althea stocks selected shades for this lippie, you will still be spoilt for choice because most of the shades are just too pretty! I spent some time looking at different swatches before I settled on Pink Salmon (as seen in this picture) and trust me, I never looked back.

3) Athea Bare Essentials Set ($35.10 promotional price)

Althea started developing their own range of products last year and they WOW me everytime.

I am currently using the Althea Bare Essentials range which comprises a Contour Cleanser, Primer Water and Fixer Cream. This skincare set may look simple and minimalistic but its quality is wonderful. Best of all, each product costs slightly more than $10, which is very reasonable and can last you a long time.

4) Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Set ($25 promotional price)

Looking to pamper your skin with a masking treat? I'd say you get these 10 second rinse-off masks that come in Rose and Green Tea.

The Rose Skin Detoxer contains French rose petals while the Green Tea Skin Detoxer contains Jeju green tea leaves. Every week, I'll use the former in the day while I use the latter at night. My skin has never felt more refreshed after I rinsed the product off. You should definitely try them!

5) Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway ($13)

I am satisfied when a sunscreen is not sticky and does not leave behind a white cast.

But a sunscreen that ALSO gives you smooth, velvety skin; controls sebum production while protecting your complexion from those harmful UV rays? That's a bonus. Here's more reasons to pay $13 for a quality sunscreen like Petal Velvet Sunaway.

6) Althea Petal Velvet Powder ($6)

Speaking of smooth, velvety skin, Althea's Petal Velvet Powder does an amazing job in keeping your facial oils at bay while touching up your makeup at the same time.

Available in transculent, warm beige and pink lavender (I kid you not) shades, they make pretty and super affordable gits for your girlfriends. Besides, you don't need to use a lot of product at one go and they last a hell of a long time too.

7) The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer ($5)

This concealer is the only one that I will repurchase, simply because I have never experienced a concealer that would work so well at a mere $5.

It covers my pimples and dark spots during unfortunate skin breakouts. Few months back, it even covered the red patches around my lips when I had a sudden eczema flare-up. I heard that it can cover pigmentation marks and freckles too. I highly recommend that you stock up a couple of these if you love them as much as I do. :)

8) Missha Night Repair Borabit Ampoule ($38)

I never used to invest in serums because I wanted to keep my skincare simple. Besides, many serums were costly.

As I age and my skin condition changes, I started to see the benefits of incorporating a serum into my skincare routine. The Missha Night Repair Borabit Ampoule has been giving me good skin days lately. I was also told that it makes a great substitute for Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Thus, if you refuse to spend hundreds on a serum, you might want to consider this cheaper but awesome alternative.

9) PETITFEE Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch ($11)

Your eyes need some tender, loving care too.

I pamper my peepers on a weekly basis to get rid of those puffy eyes and hideous dark circles. The hydrogel eye patches were very cooling and are just what I needed for my tired eyes after a long day at work.

PETITFEE has different variants of eye patches and I honestly can't tell the difference among them. I guessed it doesn't matter if the eye patches contain gold or black pearl. As long as they work well, I'm happy.

10) Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Scalp Conditioner ($11)

This product was a surprise find on Althea.

I never knew that Innisfree stocks hair products like shampoo and conditioner. For a brand that is known for its skincare products, its hair products are great too. This green tea mint conditioner smells amazing and moisturises my hair ends while leaving behind a subtle cooling sensation. If you like minty products, you can try this!

It's officially 11 days to Christmas so time to start your Christmas shopping! If you realized, the products I have recommended here do not go above $38 so they are definitely pocket-friendly. Do share with me your favourite Korean beauty products too so that I can hunt for them on Althea next time.

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Althea and reviews are based on personal experiences. Pictures are also credited to Althea.
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Get Your Christmas Hauls & Surprise Boxes from Lazada 12.12 Sale! (Lazada X Yves Rocher)

Hey people!

It's that time of the year again. The time when everywhere screams 'SALE!' and we unleash our inner shopaholic.

Speaking of which, Lazada Singapore is having a 12.12 sale from 10 to 12 December 2018 so mark your calendars, everyone! Expect 1 million deals which are heavily discounted up to 90% off and $120 worth of vouchers up for grabs.

Photo credits to Lazada.

With such huge price slashes, this is the perfect opportunity to get your Christmas shopping done at a bargain. I've heard from friends that popular items get sold out fast so in this case, some kiasu-ism (i.e. fear of losing out) helps.

You can actually start browsing Lazada anytime from today to 9 December and add your potential buys into your cart first. When 10 December arrives, just check them out immediately and you're done!

You may have also read about Lazada Surprise Boxes from my previous entries. These are boxes containing at least $100 worth of products from a particular brand with a cost price of either $29, $49 or $99.

So far, I've been very pleased with my Colgate Surprise Box, La Roche Posay Surprise Box and 3M Surprise Box because they stock plenty of retail size products that will last you a long time. And no, the products do not have fast expiry dates.

This time, I received a Yves Rocher Surprise Box ($29) which made me so thrilled because I LOVEEEE their hair products.

When I opened my Surprise Box, I was SO HAPPY that I wanted to throw confetti.

There were more than 10 useful products in the box and mind you, they weren't only hair products. So many products for $29?!?! Don't wait anymore. PLEASE GO GET A BOX FOR YOURSELF. It will last you a long time!

Since I can only do a partial reveal of the products, these are my favourite 2 out of the many products in my box - the Brilliance Shine Raspberry Rinsing Vinegar and the Grains De Cafe Coffee Beans Shower Gel.

What on earth is a rinsing vinegar, you may ask?

This is a product that you use as a final rinse for your hair to clean your scalp and get rid of any product buildup. It smells amazing and gives your hair a healthy shine, which I really like.

It does not replace your shampoo and conditioner and you do not have to use this everyday. In fact, I use this once a week AFTER shampooing and conditioning my hair. This is also my first time using vinegar for my hair but hey, I think it works really well!

I never knew that Yves Rocher sells shower gels (I always thought it was a brand that focuses on hair) so when I saw this pretty bottle of shower gel, I was on cloud nine. Believe me when I say it truly smells like coffee beans. I may not be a coffee addict but I do love the aroma of coffee. Now, I get to smell like one. WOOHOO!

The Yves Rocher Surprise Box will be sold at varying timeslots between 10 to 12 December so if you're keen to get your hands on this valuable box, do look out for it on Lazada!

Happy budget shopping!

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Lazada and Yves Rocher. Feature is based on personal experiences.